EBAN Institute Trainings

15 00 – 18 30

EBAN Institute Trainings


How to become a successful Business angel?

By Paulo Andrez, EBAN Emeritus President  & Modwenna Rees-Mogg, Co-Founder, Angel Institute, UK

 PART I: The Basics of Angel Investing

The 25 Percent Annual Return: Why everyone with Six Figures to invest should consider angel investing?
Plus, It is really fun! The nonfinancial rewards of being an Angel
The portfolio Theory of Angel Investing: Why every angel needs to invest in at least 20 companies
The financial life of a startup: Ehere Angels fit in the big financing picture

PART II: The Nuts and Bolts
Develop your deal flow: Sourcing and identifying high-potential opportunities
Bet the Jockey, Not the Horse: Evaluating the entrepreneur and picking the right one to back
Here comes the pitch: Listening to the story – Does it make sense for your portfolio?
Look under the hood and lead a deal: Coordinating due diligence and running the Show

Here is the slides of Paulo Andrez :

Howtobecomeamore successfulbusinessangel_istanbul_de _2014_EBAF_final [Modo de Compatibilidade]

IMG_5309GROUP 2:

How to set up a BAN – Business Angels Network ?

By Peter Braun, EBAN Board Member, Switzerland

 PART I: An overview of Angel Investment

What is angel investing?
Who are angel investors?
Why is angel investing important?
What are the advantages of creating or joining an angel network?

PART II: Getting started: Community Assessment
Assessing the potential angel community
Assessing the entrepreneurial pool
Assessing the entreprenerual infrastructure
Assessing service providers
Assessing follow-on funding
Assessing regulatory environments
Reviewing your assessment

PART III: Building the framework for your business angel network
Determination of membership and culture
Setting up the organisational structure
Legal structure Options
Investment Structure
Funding your business angel network

Part IV: Launching Business Angel Network Operations
Recruitment of the BAN Manager
Communications with members and potential members
Background / educational needs
Time commitments
Meeting structure
Collaboration with other angel groups
Promotions / Public Relations



Mentoring Workshop: Tools and Basics for Mentoring Startups
Mentor’s Mix By Innovation Farm

Mentoring plays a vital role in growing young companies, whether Scaleable Startups or SMEs. As investors, the mentoring relationship can be greatly enhanced by understanding – from a practical perspective – the early steps of new ventures. This interactive workshop will provide an overview of the basic mechanics of a Startup, along with a practical tool designed specially for Mentors, Investors, and other advisors.


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